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New York’s Common Core Test Scores

The scores are in. Despite many challenges and grievances from educators, parents, and other stake holders in education, “the good news is that the test score gap between New York City schools and the state as a whole has narrowed substantially.” What’s your take on the new exams?

Free Common Core Worksheets

This site offers free worksheets for almost every core subject area in grades 1-6. Enjoy!

Stop the Rush to the Common Core

Some are urging for the implementation of the Common Core to cease. Among the reasons argued are  that the standards were produced by private organizations — leaving the public without a voice in the matter. Others argue that there is little evidence that supports the position that national standards will yield better outcomes. What’s your opinion?

Will Raising America’s International Test Scores Improve Education and Economy?

Persons with high stakes in education compare the quality of education in the U.S. to that of China’s and question whether Common Core is the right path to achieving a competitive workforce.


NY Principals: Why New Common Core Tests Failed

NY principals gather together to write a letter expressing their concerns regarding the new standardized tests. What’s your opinion?

Eighth Grader: What Bothered Me Most About New Common Core Test

An 8th grader questions trademark product references included on the  exam. What’s your opinion on the subject?

Teaching ‘The Great Gatsby’ With The New York Times

With the release of a new film adaptation of this American classic, ideas on how  educators might teach to The Great Gatsby are shared in this article.


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